When to plant

If you want to create beautiful bouquets from your cutting garden during the summer months, plant the bulbs in spring.

Gladioli are planted after the chance of frost. They come in wonderful colours, from very bright to pretty pastel. You can also buy the bulbs by colour. That way you can match them to your garden. Gladioli can be used to make a beautiful large bouquet. The flower stems are very long.

Anemones are small tubers that can be planted all year round. The earlier you plant them, the earlier they will flower. They flower from April to October, depending on the time of planting. Anemones are ideal as cut flowers.

Lilies like a sunny, sheltered spot. Do not place lilies or gladioli in a windy location as they will quickly be blown over. Lilies come in several colours, the white lily is very popular.

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