Flower wreath
I am going to look for this new little hydrangea soon. I have heard that the branches are also beautiful for wreaths. The branches are nice to use in all kinds of beautiful flower decorations, including bridal bouquets.
The fullness of the branches also makes it suitable for use in pots on the patio or balcony.
And, like many other hydrangeas, it can be used as a houseplant too.

Hydrangea in pots
Small size
This hydrangea will not grow very tall, max. 60 cm., but only after 5 years. In Clingendael you will find beautiful examples of this. This is the perfect plant for smaller gardens as well.

Find a spot for ‘Runaway Bride’ in the sun or shade. Preferably, if you have one, a spot in the semi-shade.

Plant nutrition is the key word for many flowers. This does not only apply to hydrangeas but to all flowering plants in your garden. I choose organic fertiliser in granular form. This is easy to sprinkle around the plant and the granules work for up to 3 months.
Also read my blog post “Fertilising the garden – why, how and when”.

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