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Caravan Tips

Good caravan tips are ideas which you normally read or see and think "Why didn't I think of that?".

  • Never forget those essential items again. Make a laminated checklist of everything you need to take with you. This way, you can just mark off items with a whiteboard pen when you put them into the caravan. Just rub off the pen when you come to use the checklist next time.

  • To stop the toilet roll unravelling in transit, put an elastic band around the roll. When you arrive on site slip the elastic band to the side of the toilet roll holder then it is ready for use again on your return journey.

  • If your wooden windbreak pole keeps splitting and breaking from all the hammering, place some metal bottle beer tops on to the top of the poles and fix them down with a nail.

  • If your towing mirrors are a little loose and wobbly when you put them on, try crossing the straps over diagonally at the back.

  • When using a caravan airer which you hang out of a caravan window, put some foam insulation pipe on the airer sides which rest on the caravan. They may need to be taped on. This way your airer will not dent your caravan sides.

  • Don't leave any instructions, guides or handbooks in your caravan while you are not using it. If it is stolen it makes it a lot harder for the thieves to sell on or to use themselves.

  • Keep a note of all your credit card numbers (but not with the cards themselves). An easy way to do this is to photocopy all your cards together on one sheet. If your cards are then lost or stolen, you can report them immediately and have them cancelled.

  • To stop your Wastemaster or Aquaroll being stolen while you are on site, buy a couple of bike chain locks. Thread them through the handles of the Wastemaster and Aquaroll and then thread the other end through the caravan wheel or chassis. Just don't lose the keys to open the lock!

  • Keep a disposable camera in your car so that if you ever have an accident you can take photographs to back up the written description on your claim form.

  • Use metal hangers for your clothes and bend the top of the hangers around the wardrobe pole to stop them falling off while travelling.

  • Don't throw away all those little bags of silica gel from new shoes and handbags. Put them in your caravan fridge when it is not being used to soak up moisture and prevent mould.

  • To add extra workspace to your caravan and to stop your glass hob becoming damaged, make a wooden board which fits over the top of the hob, fix four 1" rubber feet to each corner of the board and this will sit over the top of the hob when it is not in use, and can just be lifted off then you need to use the hob. We know this is a brilliant idea as we have made one.

  • An easy caravan tip to remove dog hairs from your carpet or upholstery - after hoovering use an old car windscreen wiper or a pair of rubber builders gloves to brush the carpet or upholstery towards you. This will collect up all the hairs.

  • By mistake we often leave our washing up liquid by the site washing up sinks. To avoid doing this put enough washing up liquid in a dirty cup or glass when you are going to wash up then leave the whole bottle in the caravan.